General conditions of sale
Courses taking place in Trets are organised by each country under the sole supervision of its national association.
The ACEP (Association of Commerce, Editions and Services) is in charge of accommodation, of the shuttle bus to and from the station, of meals in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, and of the administration of every course, both national and international. The payment is made with the ACEP.

Participation fees
Participation fees for courses include three packages that cannot be modified nor separated:
      - The package « accommodation + meals » is established according to arrival and departure times, to the number of nights and meals during the stay;
      - The package « management fees » includes among other things breaks (food served during the day) and commemorative pictures.
No package automatically includes the lunch bag given on the day of departure nor the shuttle bus to and from the station. These two services are optional extras. The participants can choose whether they want the lunch bag or not, the shuttle bus on the way to or from Trets, or both.

The payment of the fees, both package and optional extras, confirm the registration to the course.

Time given for the payment
      - The payment will be made by credit card, Visa or International, 30 days before departure at the latest.
      - Cash is not accepted, unless in exceptional circumstances.
Any preregistered person who does not pay within the time allowed will be put on a waiting list. The management of the waiting list is the sole responsibility of the course leader. The ACEP bears no responsibility for this list.

Conditions for cancellation
In order to be taken into account, a partial or total annulation of your Seminar must be addressed to the Seminar's leader via the website.
Cancellation eight days or more in advance of the date of departure will be fully refunded.
Cancellation less than eight days in advance of the date of departure will entail a charge of €12. This charge includes, among other things, the cost of food bought, which for food safety reasons, cannot be kept or used at a later date and must be disposed of.
In two cases, this charge will not be applied:
      - In the case of an Act of God (ill health, etc.) proof of which must be provided to the ACEP;
      - In the case of the substitution of a person who has paid the fees.

Payment for cancellation fees
These cancellation fees will be deducted from the reimbursement provided by the ACEP, in accordance with the methods of cancellation downloadable on our website.

Special dietary requirements
Participants who have made special dietary requirements are obliged to keep up to these diets:
      - They will not be able to amend or cancel these options on the course;
      - They will be obliged to take their meals at special tables reserved for those with dietary requirements. Information will be provided on this at the start of each course.

Shuttle bus
The participants who have chosen to be transported by shuttle bus must obey the bus timetable included in the registration form. Outside of those times, the participants must make their own arrangement for transport. A page on our website contains information on local public transport.

Accommodation is on a three person sharing bedroom basis, strictly non-smoking.
Disabled people who require particular arrangements should notify the course leader when registering.
It is advised that light sleepers take all precautions necessary to ensure a full nights sleep.